Helping energy and technology company leaders adapt to changing customer needs and requirements.


We leverage our sustainable development and resilience market expertise to help businesses adapt, grow, and thrive.

Energy Services Companies (ESCOs)

We provide strategic planning services and project-specific facilitation to help ESCOs deliver profitable projects in a timely manner. Our ESCO project advocacy program helps ensure that your project will achieve task order award on-time at forecast margins by facilitating effective compliance with often-dynamic agency requirements.


We help utility companies better serve their government customers’ evolving needs and expanding mission resilience requirements.

About Us

About Us

Resilient Strategies helps companies and agencies adapt to changing customer needs and requirements - focused on resiliency.

  • We collaborate with leaders to identify and capture opportunities in new and evolving markets.
  • We bring together agency customers and private sector business stakeholders in a facilitating role to expedite compliance with resiliency and sustainability mandates.
  • We bring decision makers and stakeholders together to establish common goals, to more effectively manage programs that maximize value and meet mission requirements.

Learn more about how we can improve your market position in delivering resilient energy and operational solutions.

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