Energy Exchange 2018 – Resilient Strategies presents on Resiliency and the Internet of Things (IoT)

The August 22, 2018 Energy Exchange 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio will feature an Internet of Things track where industry and government experts will discuss the wide impact that the expanding world of IoT will have on securing networks.  In our presentation “Enhancing Resilience with IoT Strategies – Federal Agencies need to prioritize IoT”, Resilient Strategies describes the rapid proliferation of IoT devices worldwide, trending towards 20-Billion IoT connected devices by 2020 – nearly three times the world’s population!

What impact will so many devices have on our ability to ensure secure, resilient networks?  Resilient Strategies’ presentation describes the impacts in terms of how IoT smart devices will access the cloud for firmware and security updates, the current state of network policy on IoT with NIST, and how middleware providers and even Blockchain may provide solutions that will help our most secure networks survive and thrive in a world dominated by billions more IoT devices.